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Korekara no Someday R Nico Yazawa card

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› standard criteria, ill block if i dont like you


› eye trauma/gore in any form
› extensive talk abt contacts
› nicomaki
› danganronpa
› catchall is #ghost dont look


› dont call me a queer and dont give me nicknames i hate them
› dont talk abt hating nico even as a joke yes im a loser

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Baseball SR Nico Yazawa card

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SR Nico Yazawa!


tmblr: @shibuyaghostnight
+flingpozze (reblogs)
+nyapari (art)

useless lesbian#0613

+ my friendz


i like to make slideshows for funzies(:

hypmic crash course/the entire storyline
why natusgumi is the best
help w/ playing a3 events

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Wonderland SSR Nico Yazawa card

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SSR Nico Yazawa!


love live!, a3!, hypmic
^^ i wont tag these for bl


› assclass, bnha, kakegurui, nanbaka, ohshc
+ more unlisted


› elsword, bandori, danganronpa, llsif, sdv, yttd

› vocaloid, gorillaz, lovecore, graphic design and halloween in general

all are consumed critically

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Tea Party UR Nico Yazawa card

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Tea Party
UR Nico Yazawa!


› nico yazawa is my ult cc and kazunari miyoshi is my anime boyfriend

i have attachment issues so heres my full list >


› kinning ramuda amemura is 90% of my personality, and kinning katsuki bakugo is the other 10% yes ik this looks terrible. i hate doubles for both just cuz you guys are annoying

heres my full mentally ill list>

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my baes ♡

+natsugumi +fling posse

Scouting OK! from LLSIF
Scouting OK! from LLSIF

the rest of the list is unlockable at friendship level 69 bc that shits embarrassing. no doubles for ramuda or bakugo, you guys suck.

Scouting OK! from LLSIF

my besties ♡

mikey the wifey ♡

if you wanna be on here just ask :P

Scouting OK! from LLSIF

congrats on finding the secret :D